Fireworks Safety Instructions

1. Proper Storage Is Essential: keep your fireworks in a cool and dry place. Try to keep them in a secluded place, away from the children. If any special handling instructions are given, make a note of them. Also, the maximum amount of fireworks that can be stored in a dwelling is 10 kg gross weight. Any amount over this must be stored in a separate, locked building.

2. Use Them Outdoors Only: big fireworks are designed for outdoor use, use them properly in an open space.

3. Use An Open Area: it is essential to know that fireworks must be used away from buildings, vehicles, overhead obstructions, and dry brush/grass (which could catch fire). And, a minimum clear area of 30 m by 30 m for aerial family fireworks, such as Roman candles, and 20 m by 20 m for fountains and other ground-based items is recommended.

4. Check the wind speed and direction: fireworks if used without checking the wind speed and the wind direction can cause serious harms. This is a very important aspect which must be taken into account.

5. Always keep water nearby: while dealing with fire, keep water nearby so that you are prepared for the worst-case scenario.

6. Transport fireworks with care: always put your firecrackers in the trunk and not on the passenger seat. Do not light a cigarette while dealing with crackers.

7. Equip yourself with the best eye gear: protect your eyes with safety goggles and safety glasses. Regular sunglasses don’t offer much protection. Also, wear clothes made of cotton, never wear synthetic fibres (nylon, polyester) when firing.

8. Keep the younger ones away from firecrackers: never let children play with crackers. Always accompany them even when they are using the crackers fit for kids. Various crackers can easily ignite clothing and it can cause a lot of harm.

9. Bury crackers properly: crackers such as Roman candles and Barrages must be buried to one-half their length in sand or soil (e.g. bury in ground or use a large pail or box filled with dirt or sand). Also, read the instructions clearly while dealing with these crackers, some are to be buried while some are to be secured.

10. Handle with care: do not drop the fireworks, stay alert and attentive while handling them. Don’t carry them in your pockets. During a show, keep unused crackers away from the main stage/area.

11. Keep the audience away: people have come to enjoy the show, they must be taken care of. Keep them at a safe distance of about 30m for the aerial fireworks.

12. Ground-based fireworks are for hard surfaces: fountains, mines and other ground based fireworks must be used on a flat, hard and levelled surface for increased stability.

13. Instructions must be read in advanced: before the show, read the prerequisites forevery firecracker so that nothing goes wrong.

14. Re-attempts at lighting the fireworks must be avoided: never relight the fireworks that have duds. Wait for a few minutes and then put them in a water bucket.

15. Clean the mess after the final show: check the firing area for duds, pick up all the debris and remember that you can never burn firework debris in a campfire or a fireplace. Wait for 24 hours before putting these fireworks in your household.